Your TX Rescue Connection is a foster home based rescue organization located in Texas:
a dedicated group of concerned rescuers removing homeless and sadly abandoned dogs from shelters, especially those at risk of euthanasia, and helping dogs that have been found alone and helpless out on the streets.
Our volunteers foster the pups in their own homes, often nursing many of them back to health and preparing them for adoption.

Transporting dogs/pups out of TX into loving and wonderful homes all over the country has become a huge part of our mission. We have saved well over 2000 dogs and pups from death in the pounds or on the streets since Jan. 2014 and transport is a key component of this success. We have our own transport division and we work with several other transport companies to assure your dog or puppy arrives in a timely manner.

Adopting a dog or puppy without meeting them first can be nerve wracking. We will give you honest information about the dog’s likes/dislikes, temperament, good points and bad habits so you can make the most informed decision. Many of the dogs and pups adopted have only known love in their foster homes and families, and they love it, but we cannot give them what they really deserve, a home of their own!

Meet some of the people behind the rescue – GOD’S DOGS RESCUE

If you are uncomfortable with adopting a dog from out of state, here is a quick peek into the life of the dogs/pups we save here in Texas every day. We do our utmost to love, care for and find homes for the unwanted babies who cross our paths, but only YOU can give them the life they deserve!!!


And thank you for wanting to adopt a rescued dog, THEIR LIVES DEPEND ON IT!

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 These two sweethearts were the very first to be transported into the arms of loving families!

Pup two of two saved.

This second pup, a girl was living ON THE STREETS!

Pup one of two saved.

The first of two LUCKY pups adopted in January 2014!!!