Thank you for wanting to become an integral part of rescue. From our families (pictured here) and with the help of many wonderful people working tirelessly, we CAN save more terrific dogs so that they will become someone’s favorite pet – maybe yours?
Please note* If you call, email or contact us on a Sunday, one of our hardworking volunteers WILL get back to you on the following Monday, ASAP. Sunday is our day to ‘recharge’ so that we can meet the demands of our Mission: Placing dogs in loving homes where pets and people get to live healthy, happy and productive lives.

  • Julianne, Lonnie and their personal dogs (Brielle, Coco Puff and Molly) with Santa

Because of these people, we have had so MANY success stories.

⇓ Please feel free to contact any of these people or organizations ⇓

Julianne Marchbank’s (God’s Dogs’ Rescue) on Facebook 

Debbie Davis’ personal page on Facebook

Sara Garfield Read’s personal page on Facebook

Your TX Rescue Connection on Facebook

 God’s Dogs’ Rescue – On the web

 Morning Star Ranch Ministries – (Terry Wheeler) PetCentral SATX (a rescue outreach
program of Morning Star Ranch Ministries – A Cowboy Church)