We ALWAYS have puppies, as spay and neuter laws are not enforced in San Antonio. Puppies are great as they can grow with your family, but keep in mind, a puppy grows very quickly and comes with it’s own issues – chewing, potty training, nipping, obedience training etc… so, whether a puppy or an older dog… Adoption is a commitment for the life of the animal, not until they become inconvenient.

Our volunteers and affiliated rescue sites can help you find the dog to to suit your lifestyle, your living situation and your temperament. We want successful placements. We want your new pet to bring joy to your life. We want you to have a lifetime of love and companionship. Our dogs are in foster homes; we can tell you a lot about them, especially that they need their own homes and someone to love them.

Speak to one of our volunteers if you’d like personal assistance to help you find a loving companion.

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