Fostering in Your Home

We appreciate the invaluable service that foster parents provide. We cannot rescue more without having wonderful foster homes.foster_app2_pg

By taking a foster dog into your home, you actually save two lives: the life of your foster dog and the life of the dog who takes his/her place in the shelter.

We want to make the most informed decision regarding which animals to place in your care. We do our best to match dogs and fosters so there is minimal disruption to the home environment, but most rescued dogs come with issues (health, social, mental, physical) that should be taken into account when asking to foster.

If you foster a dog, you have the ability to transform a homeless or shelter animal into a dog that anyone would be honored to have as a pet.

Completing this application is the best way to assure a positive experience for both you and the animals.

God's Dogs has agreed to accept this dog into the rescue to find a home.

Foster Application & Questionaire

Please include spouse/partner
Please use the address to which we should reply and confirm (Primary email Address)
Cell, work, spouse/partner's etc. Separate by commas and indicate user's name. Example: Jane's cell 360 978-2122, Jane's work 360 978-2000
Business, spouse/partner's etc. (possible back up contact) Separate by commas and indicate user's name. Example: Jane at work -, John -
(Check all that apply)
(Check all that apply)

Quarantine from other dogs in the home for several days is not mandatory but highly recommended, and experience with introductions 00to existing animals will be necessary.
The rescue is responsible for the animal’s health and well-being. We take that very seriously and will work with the foster to assure the 00dog/pup is properly cared for.
Fosters’ input into adoptive homes is welcome and necessary as the dog/pup is in YOUR home, but the ultimate decision about what 00family will adopt a dog/pup is the sole right of the rescue.
Fosters are eligible to adopt their foster dog/pup.
00If you decide to make a fostered pet your own, this decision NEEDS to be made before applications are approved for other adopters!
00If we are advertising the dog/pup, we have the obligation to potential adopters to assure the availability of said dog/pup. So, be upfront 00with us if you want to adopt the dog/pup. If not, we will find it a good home.
• The rescue reserves the right to remove a dog/pup from the foster’s home if there are any issues that necessitate this. We are not 00responsible for untoward behavior of the animal while in the foster’s home, but will do all we can to move the foster if absolutely 00necessary.

Household Information

(Including self)
Example: 2 boys - ages 6 & 9, 1 girl - age 12

Include how many of each kind (dog, cat, bird etc.), what breed (if important), gender and age animals live in the home?

Example: 1 female tabby cat - age 6, 1 lizard, 1 male beagle mix dog - age 9, 2 goldfish, etc.
Sometimes we have pets with medical needs such as broken limbs or skin infections that may need to be quarantined for a short time.